About the tool of the production process becoming component of the product:  The design of the floor lamp Add.on is a combination between a free-blown glass body and a serial crude oak stand. The connection between the two parts is created in the manufacturing process, in which the glass bubble is blown directly onto the stand and the outline of the stand is formed inside of the glass. Therefore, the stand serves not only as a functional part but also as tool to produce the lamp shade. The result is an optimal fit between stand and vitreous. The three individual legs are fixed together by the glassbody and hold by an aluminum tube. The concept of the production process of the floor lamp Add.on makes each floor lamp to a unique piece. It creates a connection between the reduced wood stand and a highly individual and organic form, which arises from a process in which the possibility of precise planning and reproduction defies. The floor lamps are both: product as well as object referring to an underlying production process.


Year: 2011
Materials: glass, aluminum,wood
Dimensions: 85/115/145 cm
Images: Minu Lee
Available at: Hanna Krüger / Mint, London / Formes et Utopies, Megève
Prices on request.
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