The table light hoff [on] is a combination of different motifs and designs by Josef Hoffmann: a frame, the melon-shaped corpus and a glass body. Stacked upon each other, they become a luminaire with an unconventional lighting effect: the light exits the shade through the top as well as through the bottom. The well known melon-shaped corpus is placed in the middle. It is made from a material, which is new to the context: the shape, associated with the Wiener Werkstätte and also today manufactured from high-quality material, consists of not further treated ABS material, which is produced in a 3D printing process. With its silky shine and in combination, the material and its value become unpredictable. Questions concerning the uniqueness and the high quality arise: Is an always newly printed shade unique? Is this luxury?

4 Josef Hoffmann, table lamp, around 1925  © MAK

5 Josef Hoffmann/Wiener Werkstätte, flower pot, around 1928  © MAK

6 Josef Hoffmann, table lamp, around 192  © MAK


Year: 2014
Material: glass, copper, ABS print, LED
Images: Minu Lee
Price on request.
Free to edition.
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